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Preston Times: Mrs. Anton Erickson, who lives east of town, when doing her supper dishes Monday evening about 6 or 7 o'clock, claims she saw through her window upon the northern sky, the words "America in Victory." She called her daughter, Mary, who without speaking to her mother, read the same words. The word Liberty was also seen near the horizon. Other neighbors report having seen the same thing in that locality.

Valley City Times-Record, 4/11/1918


Coroner's Jury Decided Jack Sheldon Came to His Death by His Own Hand—Little Deliberation Necessary by Jury as Suicide Evidence was Plain.

Fargo, May 18.—At the inquest held over the body of John H. Sheldon, the Keeley cure patient who committed suicide Sunday morning, the coroner's jury came to the conclusion that the man had died from "severing the windpipe in his throat by his own hand." Several of the other patients who were with the man just before his act testified to the facts in the case, and Judge Branhan, the head of the institute; told of the conditions surrounding the man's entrance into the place. He had not seemed despondent before the time, but the judge and one of the patients swore that he had had occasional fits of abstraction, in which he did not pay any attention to what was said to him. The case wsa {sp} brought to a quick conclusion as the condidtions {sp} of the suicide were plain.

Bismarck Tribune, 5/19/1909


Unknown Man Fell from a Great Northern Train Near Leeds and Will Likely Recover.

An unknown man, presumably a tramp, fell from a Great Northern freight train two miles west of Leeds, and had one of his legs cut off. The unlucky man, who was stealing a ride, was not noticed by the train crew, and is supposed to have been riding on the trucks and had fallen asleep when he rolled out of his uncomfortable position onto the tracks.

The victim of the accident, under great suffering, crawled about three-quarters of a mile to a farm house, where he was given shelter and care until a doctor from Leeds arrived, who took the wounded tramp to his town and placed him in a hotel. Nothing, not even his name, is known of the fellow, only that he is young and in all probability will recover.

Devils Lake Inter-Ocean, 5/8/1903


Eleven Boys Who Initiate Supt. Haverson Are Suspended.

Luverne, Minn., May 21.—At the last meeting of the board of education a resolution was adopted suspending for the balance of the school year eleven of the high school boys who are charged with "having spanked Supt. Haverson's anatomy in the process of initiating that gentleman into the Society of the Red Owls."

Bowbells Tribune, 5/31/1907


North Dakota Man Is Confined in Bemidji Jail.

BEMIDJI, MINN.—Insane over a love affair, Henry Hendrickson, 20 years of age, a resident of White Earth, Ward county, North Dakota, is confined in jail here awaiting action by the state board of control. Hendrickson is said to have become infatuated with a young woman and when she rejected his attentions he became mentally unbalanced. He suffered the delusion that some one was looking for both himself and the girl with a gun and wished to destroy them. He was taken into custody here and adjudged insane after an examination before the judge of probate.

Minneapolis Journal, 4/12/1906

C. J. Carlson of LaMoure county was killed while driving home from town. His lifeless body was found dragging behind the wagon in which he had started. It is believed he was sleepy and fell from the seat fracturing his skull and was caught and dragged between the wheels of the wagon. He leaves a wife and son.

Bismarck Tribune, 3/30/1900

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