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In a quarrel at Fort Peirre, {sp} Joe Scott fired at Joe Rivers, the ball grazing his head and glancing across the cheek of a Mrs. Beam, plowing a fearful gash. Scott was arrested.

Cooperstown Courier, 5/16/1884

Shot Through Both Hands.

Lacy Grooms, a farmer, while driving west of Minot, shot both his hands with a shotgun, blowing off two fingers of his right hand and tearing a hole in his left hand. He was riding in a wagon, resting the butt of the gun, a double-barrelled one, on the bottom of the box, and had his hands crossed on the muzzle. A small boy sitting in front of him received some shot in his temple and one coat sleeve was completely ripped off his arm.

The Dickinson Press, 5/24/1902

Wm. Ownes' youngest son fell from a bicycle Tuesday evening and fractured one of the bones in his legs below the knee. Dr. VanDyke dressed the injured limb, and the little fellow is now resting quite easy.

Williston Graphic, 4/15/1898


Drowned While Trying in Vain to Save His Sister.

Devils Lake, N. D., May 26.—Vere, aged 16, and a sister aged 4, the only children of James J. Stuart, residing 10 miles northwest of this city, were drowned while boat riding on Cavanaugh Lake, adjoining their farm, during the evening. The bodies were found 10 rods from shore. The buy was a good swimmer, but it is supposed he was drowned while tying to save his sister.

Dickinson Press, 5/28/1898


frank dungan, murderer of james cole, ends his life at ellendale.

Frank Dungan, who shot and killed James Cole at Fullerton, this state, hung himself in his cell in the county jail at Ellendale last night. It is thought the man was insane.

After barring the door of his cell from the inside so that help could not reach him in time to save his life, Dnugan {sp} tied his suspenders about his neck and attaching these to a rope fastened to the top of the cell ended his life. When the prisoner's body was found, one foot was touching the floor.

The prisoner in the cell adjoining that of Dungan says that he did not hear a sound during the night.

Devils Lake Weekly World, 5/24/1912

Bathgate.—At a barn fire near here all the horses were gotten out. One liked the old place so well he went back into his stall in the flames and was cremated.

Williston Graphic, 4/26/1906

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