Keeley Cure


Unknown Man Fell from a Great Northern Train Near Leeds and Will Likely Recover.

An unknown man, presumably a tramp, fell from a Great Northern freight train two miles west of Leeds, and had one of his legs cut off. The unlucky man, who was stealing a ride, was not noticed by the train crew, and is supposed to have been riding on the trucks and had fallen asleep when he rolled out of his uncomfortable position onto the tracks.

The victim of the accident, under great suffering, crawled about three-quarters of a mile to a farm house, where he was given shelter and care until a doctor from Leeds arrived, who took the wounded tramp to his town and placed him in a hotel. Nothing, not even his name, is known of the fellow, only that he is young and in all probability will recover.

Devils Lake Inter-Ocean, 5/8/1903


Posted 05/31/2017