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Coroner's Jury Decided Jack Sheldon Came to His Death by His Own Hand—Little Deliberation Necessary by Jury as Suicide Evidence was Plain.

Fargo, May 18.—At the inquest held over the body of John H. Sheldon, the Keeley cure patient who committed suicide Sunday morning, the coroner's jury came to the conclusion that the man had died from "severing the windpipe in his throat by his own hand." Several of the other patients who were with the man just before his act testified to the facts in the case, and Judge Branhan, the head of the institute; told of the conditions surrounding the man's entrance into the place. He had not seemed despondent before the time, but the judge and one of the patients swore that he had had occasional fits of abstraction, in which he did not pay any attention to what was said to him. The case wsa {sp} brought to a quick conclusion as the condidtions {sp} of the suicide were plain.

Bismarck Tribune, 5/19/1909

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