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Mrs. Fred Eberhard, Wife of Wealthy Farmer, Shoots Husband to Death as He Sat Reading, Then Fired Bullet Thru Her Own Brain.

Mrs. Fred Eberhard shot and killed her husband at their home near Plaza Tuesday and then put a bullet hole thru her own head, dying almost instantly.

Coroner Flath, Deputy Sheriff Rogers and States Attorney Swendseid of Stanley, who were called to Plaza by the tragedy, came to the above conclusions. There had been domestic trouble in the Eberhard home.

The body of Mr. Eberhard was found in an arm chair where he had been reading a newspaper at the time he was murdered. The newspaper was still held in his hand and the glasses he was wearing were still on. Two shots from a .38 calibre revolver had been fired into his body and one shot had gone thru his neck. Death had evidently been almost instantaneous. It appeared Mrs. Eberhard had come out of her bedroom and fired the shots at her husband, who sat reading with his back to her.

The body of Mrs. Eberhard was found on the floor with a bullet hole thru the head.

The family was in very comfortable circumstances, having a check account of eight or ten thousand dollars in the bank.

The man who was murdered was generally known as "Hamburger Joe." He ran a restaurant in Paza for years and made a good deal of money. He was a resident of Minot about ten years ago and spent a good deal of his time here playing seven-up.

Ward County Independent, 6/5/1919


Langdon, N. D., May 18.—Bernard Newman, living a few miles northwest of Loma, is dead, as a result of choking on a piece of meat while eating his dinner. He lived for about a half hour after the mishap took place. Dr. Law of Munich was called, but by the time he arrived the man was dead and the doctor could do nothing.

He was an old settler and well known throughout this section. He was a single man and is survived by a widowed mother who lived with him.

Devils Lake Weekly World, 5/24/1912


Mine Host W. L. Yeater was up from Hazelton Tuesday. He has recently purchased an automobile and has succeeded in knocking out a few hitching posts in front of his hotel, but as he owns the posts no one has any complaint to make.

Bismarck Tribune, 5/19/1909

As the steamer Grandin was descending the Red river a man named Bucher, a laborer working near Holy Cross, fell off the steamboat and perished. The boat was stopped, but no trace of him could be found. The body was not recovered.

Cooperstown Courier, 5/16/1884

Archie McLane, of Bemidji,, Minn., with his a baby boy {sp} arrived in Minot last week looking for the little one's mother who deserted father and child. The woman was locateed {sp} near Stanley keeping house for another man. She refused to return with the father.

Ward County Independent, 6/8/1904

Struck His Head on a Rock.

The 16-year-old son of John Gugel, living near Ashley, fell from his horse while fording a stream and struck his head upon a rock, killing himself instantly.

Dickinson Press, 5/24/1902

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