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Throws Self Under Car

Williston N. D., June 9.—Throwing herself on the track under a speeding street car in Minneapolis, Mrs. Alma Haugan of Arnegard met instant death. Suffering from a nervous breakdown and possibly mentally unbalanced Mrs. Haugan took the desperate leap in front of the car. The fender failed to save her and the wheels passed over her body, death resulting instantly.

Mrs. Haugan with her husband left Arnegard two weeks ago for a visit with relatives in Minneapolis with the hope that the change in conditions would benefit her health. She has been suffering with nervous trouble since the death of her father a year ago. The home of the Haugans was formerly at Red Wing Minn., from where they came to north western North Dakota a couple of years ago.

Golden Valley Chronicle, 6/11/1915


Farmer Shoots Himself With a Shotgun.

Park River, N. D., May 21.—John Faul, a farmer living a few miles southwest of here, arose from his bed about 3 o'clock in the morning and going into the kitchen shot himself. He used a double-barreled shotgun, propping the butt of the gun against the wall. He then sat down in a chair and discharged both barrels of the weapon, springing the triggers with his bare toes.

Bowbells Tribune, 5/31/1907


Sherwood, N. D., Dec. 15.—Dogs attacked sheep at K. O. Holte's east of Sherwood Saturday night, killing 21 of them and ripping up about 30 more half of which are not expected to recover.

Sheep men state that "killer" dogs will gather up followers and that after an expedition or two, even though the leader may be killed, another leader will take its place.

Ward County Independent, 12/22/1921

When Mr. P Klein, a new arrival at Binford from northern Minnesota, met his family at Pekin, N. D., he was surprised to find his wife in charge of three children instead of two. During the trip of Mrs. Klein to Pekin, she visited a woman by the name of "Mrs. Lucy Paul" who had an infant child, named Barton Paul, both sharing double seats with the Klein family. Before the train pulled out of Devils Lake, Mrs. Paul asked Mrs. Klein to care for the baby a few minutes. Mrs. Klein is still caring for the youngster.

Ward County Independent, 6/5/1919


Man Unwittingly Gets Into Trouble By Opening Another's Mail—Claims He Was Acting In Good Faith For Friend—He Made All the Restitution That Was Possible.

Fargo, N. D., May 18.—Charged with intercepting a letter in the United States mail, F. J. Gath, a homesteader and locater of Bucaris {sp}, Adams County, was arested {sp} by U. S. Marshal J. F. Shea. Attorney A. W. Fowler is acting for Attorney P. D. Norton of Hettinger, and will defend the man.

According to the story of the defendant he acted as agent for a woman who settled on land in Adams county. When it came time to prove up he was requested to look over the papers and for that reason he had the woman's mail put in his letter box. The papers came from the land office and were taken in charge by Gath who opened them, found the descriptions alright. The woman had left in the meantime and he kept the papers and it was not until she directed a letter to the land office that the letter was traced. Gath at once returned the papers by registered mail. That he gained nothing is evident and he staunchly maintains that he acted in good faith in the matter. He has a wife and several children living on a claim in Adams county.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 5/19/1909

Armentrout Pulled a Shotgun

Sheriff Scoffeld arrested north of Des Lacs Wədnesday {sp} Joe Armentrout, charged with sticking the business end of a double barrelled shotgun too uncomfortable {sp} close to the face of a neighbor,mr. Schlingen. The latter took up stray horses belonging to Armentrout, who went to his pasture and attempted to take the horses home. Schlingen remonstrated before the damages had been paid, then the gun was brought into play and Armentrout went home with the horses. He was placed under $300 bonds which he furnished.

Ward County Independent, 6/8/1904

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