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Wm. Bennett, of the Bennett & Daily restaurant at Valley City, shot and killed Miss Jennie Daily in their restaurant and then turned the weapon against himself and ended his existence. The tragedy occurred shortly after midnight and is supposed to have been the result of jealousy.

Mrs. Bennett, who is an invalid, heard the first shot of the awful tragedy, and then fainted so that she saw nothing but the sequel.

Bennett is said to have fired six shots at Miss Daily and sufficient took effect to end her lift. Then he turned the revolver upon himself and both are dead.

Bennett was heard to enter the woman's room and say: "Well, Jennie, you have fooled me for the last time," and then began shooting. She was shot six times and died almost instantly.

Bennett shot himself in the forehead and lingered four hours before dying.

He and Miss Daily had been in the restaurant business for many years. Both were middle aged.

Bismarck Tribune, 6/23/1902

New England.—The five-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Crone of DeSart, was killed when a 38-calibre revolver which he was playing with was accidentally discharged. The bullet struck the boy in the groin and passed through the hip, causing his death within a few hours.

Cavalier County Farmer, 6/24/1920


Fargo, June 21.—Albert Gray, so the testimony says, fired a shot at Sarah Colton, 15, because she did not take kindly to his devotions to her. The man's marksmanship was poor and he missed his mark, the bullet lodging in the wall of the room in which the incident accured {sp}.

When arraigned before a police judge yesterday, Gray deferred his plea and was turned over to the sheriff. His bail was fixed at $2,000 which he was unable to furnish and he is now occupying a cell in the county jail. His hearing has been set for Saturday morning.

The prisoner, it is charged, went to Miss Colton's home for a visit, and renewed his ardent offers of love, asking the girl to marry him but was asked to leave. He later returned and it is charged, threatened the girl and her mother. A member of Company H, guarding the railroad bridge, was asked to come to help them. As Gray was being forced out of the building, it is said, he fired the shot at the girl and as he was making a dash across the bridge to Moorhead, fired another at the pursuing guardsman.

Gray is a laborer, about 32 years old and has been in Fargo for some time. He has been paying attention to Miss Colton for some months and has threatened the girl and her mother on different occasions. He was arrested on a charge of making an assault with a dangerous weapon with intent to kill.

Grand Forks Herald, 6/21/1917


Miss Ethel M. Hanson, aged 24 years, assistant postmaster at Lansford, was placed under arrest Friday by Deputy U. S. Marshal Thorwald Mostad of this city charged with embezzling $773.25. The young woman has furnished bonds to appear in federal court.

A postoffice inspector visited Lansford last week and Miss Hanson confided to her employer that the money was nearly $800 short and asked him to get the money from the bank for her at once.

The postmaster was thunderstruck and dismissed Miss Hanson immediately.

Mrs. J. L. Davis has been placed in Miss Hanson's position.

Miss Hanson, through the assistance of friends, was able to raise the amount, and it is thought that no action will be started.

Golden Valley Chronicle, 6/11/1915

Joseph Shaw, a middle-aged man, living alone on his farm about four miles south of Hope, Steele county, was found by neighbors, lying dead in his house, with two bullet wounds in his head. It is supposed that he was murdered.

Langdon Courier Democrat, 6/18/1891

A peculiar accident, terminating fatally, occurred at Lake Preston the other day. The two young sons of O. O. Huke were playing with a toy cannon, when a lot of powder which the elder had in his pocket caught fire, and before the flames could be extinguished he was burned so badly that he died in a few hours.

Wahpeton Times, 6/19/1890

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