Dead Drunk

A head-end collision between two bicycles took place Wednesday evening, on the Pembina river bridge. Mail Agent Roberts and Geo. Leibinger were coming from the south at a good pace when they met a rider, dressed in a sweater and other scorcher paraphernalia, going the opposite direction—a crash, and Mr. Roberts and the stranger were off their wheels. Mr. Roberts picked up his bicycle, that was doubled up like a steed facing a northwest blizzard, when the stranger turned around and asked, "What wheel do you ride?" to which Mr. Roberts answered, "It's a Crimson Rim." The stranger said, "I'm riding a Crescent and it's a dandy," when he mounted and rode off as if nothing had happened. Mr. Roberts says he did not care so much about the damage to the wheel as the independence of the stranger.

Pembina Pioneer Express, 9/24/1897

Jack Rabbit

Posted 11/03/2016