Taste of Hades


Tioga, N.D., Nov. 1—Caught in the gearing of a windmill forty feet above the ground and whirled around time after time against the steel frame of the structure, Ludwig Chrislock, aged 11 years, was killed in a tragic manner on the C. H. Borstad farm near here.

The lad had climbed to the top of the windmill, making his way upward on the inside of the framework. At the top with the space very small, his clothing became caught on a bolt projecting from the revolving shaft and in a moment he was dislodged and was being twirled about the shaft, each time coming in contact with sections of the structure. His predicament was discovered by Mr. Borstad, the mill was stopped, and when the lad was removed, it was found he had sustained a fractured skull, and several ribs fractured and with other internal injuries. Death resulted twenty-four hours later.

Ward County Independent, 11/3/1910

Dead Drunk

Posted 11/01/2016