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Give a Hundred Friends a Good Time at Halloween Party—

Earl Jacobson gave a Halloween party at the Jacobson opera house Tuesday evening which was attended by a hundred young people of this city. Rudd's orchestra furnished the music for the evening. The dances were interspersed with clever selections from the best of Minot's local talent. The best of the specialities was the scene of Hell, with the red light, ghosts, devils, and tripod. The weird dance of the ghosts sent the shivers up the backs of everyone.

The fellow who was booked to put the cat in the kettle when the red lights flashed, had an encounter with pussy, got his arm severely scratched and dropped the kitty so close to the flames that she had a taste of Hades. Tho {sp} scene was a good one, however.

A fine banquet was spread, consisting of all the good things of the season. The courses included some Halloween specialities.

Earl Jacobson is a good entertainer and his party was one of the social events of the season.

Ward County Independent, 11/1/1906

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