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Entrainment Planned for Monday Called Off at Last Moment

The entrainment of all draftees was halted in North Dakota at 5:30 Monday evening. Inasmuch as Adjutant eGneral {sp} Fraser had ordered held until that hour the two special trains which were to have left Monday with selectice {sp} service men for Fort Winfield Scott, Calif., no men were moved from the state, and the draftees who had been assembled at their county seats and other mobilization points were ordered to return to their homes.

The adjutant general's office also has advice to the effect that no more questionaires {sp} will be mailed to registrants over 36 years old. The first classes, including men of 19 and 21 and of 32 to 36 inclusive, who already have received their questionnaires, will be physically examined and classified.

Burleigh county today is proceeding with the physical examination of 12 men.

Bismarck Tribune, 11/12/1918

Two Months of Darkness

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