Men Halted


City will be in Darkness for two Months—Fire Started Mysteriously—Did the Same Parties who Slugged Manager Amsler, Fire the Plant?

Kenmare's electric light plant was burned Sunday morning at half past nine o'clock. The fire started mysteriously, all of the employes {sp} being away from the plant, which is located at the entrance of the Diamond coal mine a distance east from the town. The firemen had no chance to save the plant as the water works do not extend so far out.

In consequence of the fire, Kenmare will be in the dark for a couple of months, the worst in the year for holdups and darkness generally. The plant will be immediately rebuilt. A box car near the plant was burned, as was also the lodging house. A fierce wind was blowing which endangered the mine.

Three weeks before, the manager of the plant, Frank Amsler, was slugged by parties unknown. Perhaps the same parties set fire to the plant.

Ward County Independent, 11/1/1906

Billy Goat

Posted 11/12/2016