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Jamestown, N.D., Nov. 12.—Mrs. Celia Nelson, aged 75 years, was fatally wounded when a shotgun was accidentally discharged by a small grandson, the shot entering her hip, arm and abdomen. Mrs. Nelson was at the house of a son-in-law at Tuttle, with whom she lived. She was sitting in a chair in the window of her house holding a grandson. A 5-year-old grandson came in and laid a shotgun on the couch. The small boy got off his grandmother's lap, walked over to the gun and accidentally pulled the trigger.

Mrs. Nelson was brought to a Jamestown hospital, and Dr. Holt performed an operation in an effort to save her life, but she died Thursday evening. Her intestines had been penetrated by the shot. Funeral will be in Crosby.

Bismarck Tribune, 11/12/1921

Crazed by Liquor

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