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Minneapolis Man Run Over By a Loaded Lumber Wagon

Frank Andrews of Minneapolis was run over by a loaded lumber wagon at Napoleon Tuesday, and died from the injuries.

Andres, who is a son of Mrs. T. S. Andrews and a nephew of Mrs. J. S. Pillsbury, has a ranch at Napoleon, adjoining that of former United States Senator Gilfillan. He was out hunting with James Gilfillan, and was on his way home, when he fell off the lumber wagon on which they were riding and both wheels passed over his abdomen. His family was notified by telegraph and his brother, George C Andrews left immediately with Dr. Wilcox and a trained nurse for Napoleon, but he died a short time before they arrived.

He was married a year ago to Miss Catharine Gearheart. He was born 26 years ago and is survived by a wife, his mother and sister and a brother.

Bismarck Tribune, 10/23/1903


Posted 01/10/2014