Eyes Closed


On Monday afternoon, January 27, Ray Moore one of the engineers at the Ray light plant had a very narrow escape from a horrible death from being dashed to pieces by the machinery at the plant. Ray Moore and Chas. Summers were starting the toy gasoline engine when Moore went over to correct a clutch on the line shaft which operates the electric generator. In some way his clothing was caught on an exposed set screw on the shaft. His overalls were torn from his body and one trouser leg was torn off and ripped to shreds. A bone in the leg was broken and the entire limb badly bruised and cut. When he felt that he was caught he grabbed and held onto a plank brace and called for help which was the only thing that saved him from being pounded to pieces. Dr. Scott was called and the injured man taken care of. The machinery and shafting in the plant is very poor and the place where Moore was caught in the shaft is commonly called the kill-em-quick. It is a wonder that there are not more accidents at the plant than there are. Somebody will cash in their checks at the place if they keep on.

Valley City Times-Record, 2-6-1913

Killed By Fall

Posted 01/13/2014