Stealing Rides

Rock Lake — Mrs. O. P. Briggs and son Russel are quarantined at their home in our village, both ill with small-pox. Though this contagion does not seem to be of a serious nature it is hoped that the patients may soon recover and the quarantine be removed from their house.

Hansboro News 12/14/1917

On account of small-pox in Rock Lake, school was closed for a period of three weeks at least, to prevent the spread of this infectious disease.

Hansboro News 12/14/1917

Miss Vernice Briggs who had been staying at the Sam Keeney home on account of the small-pox quarantine at the Briggs home was taken with the disease last week and is reported quite ill at this writing.

Hansboro News 12/28/1917

Skull Depression

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