Merry Xmas, The Bloodworths

Judge McConnell sent the following to the Bismarck penitentiary: Charles Obsey, larceny of a horse, six months; Louis Durkins, larceny from the person, one year and five months; Jesse Mitchell, larceny of a horse and buggy, one year and six months; Stephen H. Stewart, attempted rape, two years and six months; William Hart, grand larceny, two years and seven months; John Curley, mayhem, one year and seven months, Thomas Corley, assault with a dangerous weapon, six months; Thomas Ryan, burglary, one year and four months; James Malley, grand larceny from the person, four years and eight months; Charles Hayes, grand larceny from the person, three years and four months.

The Bad Lands Cow Boy, 12/24/1885

Bar Santa From Church

Posted 12/21/2015