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Death Takes Whipple Child

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Whipple have the sincerest sympathy of the community in the loss of their little son Wallace, whose death occurred on Monday morning, Nov. 27th. The child would have been six years of age at the first of January, and was a part of the brightness of a lovable household. Owing to other sickness in the family no public funeral was held, but the remains of the little one were properly taken care of at the local cemetery. Mr. Whipple, whose illness had been reported, is well and is assisting about the home during the illness of the remaining children, whose condition is considered hopeful at the present time.

The Beach Advance, 12/1/1911

A son born to Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Whipple last Saturday morning lived only a few hours, passing away three hours after its birth. The remains were interred Sunday morning in the Beach cemetery besides {sp} those of his little brother, Wallace, whose death was chronicled in last week's issue.

Golden Valley Chronicle, 12/8/1911

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