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Nelson County Woman Fires Four Bullets From a Revolver into Her Husband.

At Lakota Mrs. Fred Bisbee stood at the threshold of the home of a neighbor Edward Hollander and fired four shots from a revolver into the body of her husband anyone of which would have probably proved fatal.

Mr. and Mrs. Bisbee have lived for some time on a farm they owned about twenty miles south of Lakota. They were married about a year ago and with them lived three children of Mrs. Bisbee by a former marriage.

Bisbee went home Monday night in an intoxicated condition and found that his wife had left with the children and gone to the home of a neighbor, Edward Hollander, a short distance away. Bisbee gathered up a shot gun and started after her. They met at the door and Mrs. Bisbee claims that her husband threatened to kill her and followed the threat with an attempt to fire the gun he carried. She drew a revolver which she had owned for a number of years and fired four times. Every bullet took effect and Bisbee sank to the ground dead.

Mrs. Bisbee tried to get someone to take her to Lakota that night, but was unable to do so and made the trip Tuesday morning. She drove to the home of the sheriff, gave herself up and told the story of the shooting. It appears Bisbee had been drinking considerably of late and that he and his wife had had considerable trouble {illegible}of age and his wife is a few years older.

Public sympathy at Lakota is said to be largely favorable to Mrs. Bisbee and her friends claim that she did the killing in self defense.

Bismarck Tribune, 11/21/1903

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