Boy Misses Animal With Small Rifle and Beast Attacks Him - - - Neighbors Rush to Lad's Aid But Lynx Would Not Give Up His Prey

Kenmare, N.D., Nov 22—The horrible and terrifying information was received in this city last night from McKinney, twenty miles east of here, of the fate of Walter, the 16-year-old son of Peter Johnson. The lad had discovered the existence of a lynx and desirous of securing the animal procured a 22 rifle and started in pursuit.

Upon sight of the lynx the lad made every effort to get within close range before shooting and evidently the animal was not alarmed letting him reach a short distance. Unfortunately Walter missed aim, whereupon the beast sprang upon him with all ferocity. His terrible cries attracted the neighbors at a distance, but when they arrived the lynx had accomplished its purpose and was rapidly devouring the body.

The coming of numerous people did not affect the beast in devouring its prey, it being necessary to procure firearms with which to shoot the lynx.

The unfortunate lad's face and head were almost completely destroyed. The parents are prostrated with grief. The funeral will be held Saturday from the residence.

Bismarck Tribune, 11/23/1907

Jimmy Womack

Posted 11/22/2013