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Litchville Bulletin: James A Womack, Litchville's first barber, died on Thursday, Nov. 23, at the insane hospital at Warren {sp} Springs, Mont., where he had been an inmate for the past three years.

"Jimmy" Womack opened a barber shop in this village, a few months after the town was started. We do not know the exact date, but he had his card in the first issue of the Bulletin, May 19, 1901. In 1908 he bought out the E.T. Christianson pool room and conducted that and the barber shop in the building now occupied by the Viking restaurant, until the latter part of April, 1913, when he sold out to Andrew Carlson and went to Redstone, Mont. But too much liquor and drugs had done their deadly work and in a few months he was committed to the insane asylum where he ended his days. He was born in New York state and was 42 years of age March 26.

Thus ends the story of the life of one of the most unique characters that ever lived in this village. In wit and repartee he had few equals and his store of invectives was large, lurid and mouth-filling. In the years of his prime he had staunch friends and bitter enemies; later when his mind became clouded from "dope" his friends deserted him one after the other, and he left here a broken and almost friendless man.

We have no details about the funeral or what relatives he leaves, except that there is an aged mother to mourn the death of a wayward son.

Valley City Weekly Times-Record, 12/7/1916

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