Mistaken For A Deer


Mott, Nov 29.—William H Van Buskirk, aged 40, a farmer living near Regent hovers between life and death this afternoon as the result of trying to solder a gasoline tank filled with gasoline.

He took the tank containing 30 gallons of gasoline to the proprietor of a Regent hardware store and requested him to solder a leak. The hardware man refused to do so claiming it was too dangerous. Van Buskirk, however, insisted and was loaned the necessary articles.

The gasoline tank exploded blowing practically all of the flesh from the face of the man, and blazing gasoline burning to the bone.

Late this afternoon it was stated that if he lives his eyes will be saved. However, the nose is gone, and practically all the flesh burned from the skull.

Physicians fear concussion may cause death. Van Buskirk is in such serious condition it has been impossible to remove him to a hospital and he is being cared for at Regent.

Valley City Weekly Times-Record, 12/7/1916

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