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Night Policeman Enoch Russell claims to have witnessed a flight of meteors—or meteoric stones—late Saturday night. Some of the stones descended pretty close, according to the night officer's story.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 11/23/1899

A Bismarck lady suggests that some arrangement be made whereby the night watchman sound an alarm when the meteors begin to fall, if at an unreasonable hour, in order that all persons interested may be given an opportunity to see the flight of the leonids. According to the best advices, the center of the shower will be reached at about 9 o'clock on the morning of the 15th, Wednesday. If this is the case, daylight will prevent the shower's being visible, although on the Pacific ocean there will be a fine view. But if the meteors arrive a little ahead of schedule time, or should be in any matter delayed so that they arrive at night, the Tribune has no doubt some one will see that the balance of the community is waked up to participate in viewing the spectacle.

Bismarck Tribune, 11/14/1899

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