A Tattooed Man

It will be remembered that Linas A. Cutts, an old man 83 years of age, committed suicide at Larimore, by cutting the large artery in his thigh and slowly bleeding to death. This was on Nov. 8. The report of the coroner's jury was not made public until a day or so ago, and the findings were of such a character as to cause much indignation and surprise, and interesting developments are looked for. The report of the jury shows that the old man brooded over the fact that he had loaned all the money he had, thus being left penniless and destitute. To add to his troubles the promissory note given for such a loan, which he kept in his trunk, suddenly disappeared. It is said that he has been abused and maltreated since July, 1898. The report of the jury has worked the people up to a state of intense indignation.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 11/23/1899

Dreads Phthisic

Posted 11/19/2015