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Description of a Convict at One Time in Bismarck Penitentiary.

The records of the state penitentiary at Bismarck show the incarceration at one time, back in the '80s, of one Edward Marshall, and the marks of identification on this prisoner, as enumerated in the prison register, are numerous and unique. The record is as follows:

Two scars on back of head, left of center. India ink dot on front center of chin.

The following characters and designs, in India ink, are on the different parts of the body named:

"One large ten-pointed start, red and blue, on the top of each shoulder.

Gravestone, with enlarged base, beneath weeping willow; sailor resting on left elbow on stone, on the right arm, between shoulder and elbow.

Goddess of Liberty holding American Flag in right hand, on right fore arm.

Full rigged sailing vessel on inside of right forearm.

Red and blue ribbon bow below ship.

American flag below bow.

Small ship between ship and American flag.

Fancy bracelet around right wrist.

Five-pointed star on right hand, to right of base of thumb.

Ring on second finger of right hand.

American Coat of Arms, with globe for background; the top half of globe, only,visible. Ship sailing over top of globe, on upper part of left forearm.

Crucifixion, with spires of Jerusalem in right background, and "Mary" kneeling at the left foot of cross, on left forearm.

Cross, Anchor and Heart, grouped, representing faith, hope and charity, on inside of left forearm.

Sailor embracing girl, on lower part of the inside of left forearm. Ship in the background.

Fancy bracelet around left wrist.

Full-rigged ship on left hand, near base of thumb.

Ring on second finger of left hand.

Dagger running nearly vertical, on left breast; handle and part of the blade above nipple, and point and about one inch of blade below nipple; intended to represent dagger stuck through breast behind nipple.

Girl riding eagle with spread wings, and holding American flag in right hand; on stomach just above navel; the words "Young America" in scroll beneath the eagle.

One eight-pointed star just above each knee-cap.

Spread-winged eagle, with American flag background, on inside of left leg, between knee and ankle.

Man riding a hog, on outside of left leg, between knee and ankle.

Dressed woman sitting in a chair, right foot resting on left knee; spread fan above and to the right of her head, held in bracket from back of chair; on inside of right leg, just below knee.

Six-pointed star on top of right foot.

Bismarck Tribune, 1/19/1901

Penniless and Destitute

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