Unfortunate Girls

Quite Badly Frozen.

Henry Jentges had the misfortune to become bewildered while going home Friday night last, and he thinks walked around his dwelling until four o'clock in the morning when his wife heard him at the door, opened it, and says he stood in front of it nearly frozen and unable to speak intelligibly. During the night, Mrs. J. says, she heard what she thought was some one walking in front of the door on the street, at one time got up and going out could see no one. Another time she sent her brother out, who was unable to see any one. But at four o'clock went again and found her husband as stated above. She kept snow on his hands and feet till 12 o'clock following, sent for Doctor Swaine, who ordered the snow to be continued till three in the afternoon, when he came again and dressed the hands and feet in a proper manner, doing away with the snow. It is not yet known just how badly frozen, but the doctor hopes that Mr. J. will lose, of his feet, nothing more than a portion of his toes, although the feet look very badly; and of his hands a portion of his fingers, the left hand being frozen the worst. However, it is a difficult matter to judge of the extent of damage done at this time. Sunday morning the doctor took a wash basin full of water from the hands, by cutting them open in the back, they being frightfully puffed up and painful before the operation. Dr. Swaine is doing all possible for the patient.

Mr. Jentges left Vachon's restaurant between ten and and eleven o'clock Friday night, under the influence of liquor, having purchased some candy and a Christmas tree for his little girl. Of course Mr. Vachon does not deal in liquors of any description. That was an awful night to Mr. Jentges, but as he cannot explain his experience any further than appears above, it will not, likely, ever be known. He says he thought he was in a foreign country among strangers. His residence is in the heart of town, and crossing a street in first block from the restaurant. We have not heard that he was seen anywhere else that evening.

Wahpeton Times, 12/25/1884

Christmas Sales

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