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Minot Bride-Elect in Close Proximity to Flying Missile.

Minot, N.D., Dec. 19.—While Miss Ruth Richardson, who will be a bride on Christmas day, was walking home from a reception in her honor at the home of Rev. E. S. Shaw, a bullet fired from a rifle held by an unknown person whizzed so closely to her head, that she could hear it hum.

Miss Richardson was accompanied by Joe Guthrie whom she will marry on Christmas Day. They had just left the Shaw home on First avenue and were walking in the direction of Ward street. Just before they arrived at Ward street the bullet whizzed by Miss Richardson's head. Members of the Christian Endeavor society who gave the reception for Miss Richardson, where close behind.

It is not known who fired the shot, or what was the occasion for it. The matter is being investigated.

Grand Forks Evening Times, 12/19/1911

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