Badly Frozen


Look at the cheap candy at the Magnet before you purchase elsewhere.

E.B. Woodward & Co., the live jewelers have in a very large stock of goods for the holiday trade.

Try George for slippers for Christmas presents.

Three pounds candy for 25¢ at the Magnet.

Hess & Schaeger have a splendid line of suitings for the fall trade. Call and see them.

Meerschaum pipes, cigar holders, cigarette holders, and smoker's sets, at the Magnet.

Call early at E.B. Woodward & Co's and select your holiday gifts while the stock is complete.

1000 pounds of Malaga grapes and a car load of apples—for christmas at the Magnet.

Call at Hess & Schaefer if you want a nice fall overcoat. They can suit you in goods and fit.

Florida oranges, new lemons, figs dates &c. at the Magnet.

W. C. Holt, the Wahpeton photographer, is now making the famous arristo photograph, so much talked of in the east.

Gold headed canes, gold pencils, gold spectacles, gold watches, in fact nearly everything that is made in gold and silver at E. B. Woodward & Co's at bottom prices.

Wahpeton Times, 12/18/1890

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