Pitiful Calls for Help

Wednesday evening Chief Day received a 'phone from Deputy Sheriff Hoffine of Kenmare, asking him to detain a man and woman who were then on their way to Canada and driving on the highway toward this place. Pretty soon thereafter, however, the deputy appeared himself, and about the same time the people who were wanted drove in and were stopped by the chief. Deputy Hoffine took charge of the pair, as also of the conveyance in which they arrived, and with them returned to Kenmare, where it was charged the woman, a Mrs. Young, had left her husband and started to elope with the man who was arrested with her, one Harry Green, who had been working about the coal mines down there. She was accused of taking with her some $120 belonging to the husband whom she had deserted, but when searched no money could be located about her anywhere.

Bowbells Tribune, 9/28/1906

Boiled To Death

Posted 10/27/2017