Divorced Husband of Woman Accused of Killing Two and Wounding Another.

Pitiful calls for help, so feeble that they were scarcely audible as far as the road, attracted H. H. Drake when he passed the farmyard of his neighbor, D. T. Dillon, residing near Ray. Blake {sp} discovered Dillon near the barn lying probably mortally wounded by rifle bullets.

The dead body of Mrs. Dillon was near and in a bedroom of the house another murder was revealed in the finding of Dillon's twelve-year-old daughter Leia.

The murderer, it is alleged, was C. L. Culbertson, divorced husband of Mrs. Dillon. He was arrested at Templeton, near Ray, on a train, an hour after he left that city soon after the shooting.

Culbertson, it is alleged, called at the Dillon home, where he had been directed by a neighbor, and asked for work. Mrs. Dillon recognized him as the man from whom she parted twelve years ago, but she dated not reveal to her husband the man's identity.

The new farmhand had supper with the family and immediately afterward went to the barn to help with the evening chores.

Upon entering the building Dillon leaned over a grain bin to procure some feed, evidence shows, when he was shot, the murderer apparently standing in the doorway of the barn. Two bullets entered his back, one struck his neck and another his face.

Mrs. Dillon heard the shots and probably divined what was occurring in the barn. She ran from the house toward the scene of the shooting; a bullet met her and she fell dead.

The murderer then went to the house, sought the bedroom of the daughter Leia, who was preparing to retire, shot the girl dead and fled from the farm.

Cleve M. Culbertson was bound over at Williston to district court without bail.

A "dying declaration" by Dillon, whose condition is so critical that physicians have but little hope for his recovery, was introduced by the prosecution. In his statement Dillon positively identifies Culbertson as the man who shot him and murdered his wife and daughter. No trouble proceeded the shooting, according to the statement.

The Oakes Times, 10/30/1913

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