A Bouquet Of Flowers

On Monday, half a mile east of Karnak, on the farm owned by Mrs. W. Kerber, the two little children of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Siegel were burned to death, the father terribly scorched and blistered in his efforts to effect their rescue, and the destruction of the farmhouse and furnishings valued at about $4,000. Mr. Siegel is a brother of Mrs. George Kraft of Luverne. Mr. Siegel was plowing half a mile from the house and Mrs. Siegel had gone to the barn to feed the stock. It is impossible to determine the origin of the fire, but it is believed to be either caused by a poor chimney, beside which the fire had long smouldered, or that the little boy, who was 3½ years old, had been playing with matches. The sympathy of all is extended to the bereaved parents.

The Hope Pioneer, 10/23/1919

Shoulder Bone

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