Stanley, N. D., Oct. 15.—Mrs. Nell Brown representing herself as an agent of the Home Conserving association of America, collected considerable cash from the leading citizens Wednesday. Pharmacist W. Eckstrom took the precaution to ask Rev. Mr. Parkes if there was such a society. Rev. Mr. Parkes went to work in "earnest" and proved the fair damsel a fake pure and simple. She turned the money she had collected over to Mr. Parkes, who returned the money to the contributors. Mrs. Nell Brown was armed with fake credentials, the principal one of the collection being now in the hands of Rev. Mr. Parkes. She gravels with a male partner, who Wednesday "worked" Powers Lake. The fair faker is of medium height, is dressed in black and her paws scintillate with jewels rich and rare. She was given her liberty.

Bowbells Tribune, 10/16/1914

Halloween Tricks

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