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High School Boys Liberally Smear White Wash

Damage which may reach $200 was done at the Country Club and considerable other damage done in various places around the city by high school boys who wielded paint brushes during the night.

The roof and sides of the Country Club were smeared with paint. Recently about $200 worth of paint was put on the building, according to officers of the club, who said that the work probably would have to be done over again.

A red automobile standing on North Fifth street was snow white this morning. Two other automobiles were painted white. Several delivery wagons were hauled to the high school grounds and some overturned. One old automobile was included in the vehicles in the yards.

Business houses were liberally white-washed down town. In most cases this was easily washed off without damage. The boys also painted a big "B.H.S." above the doors of the police station.

Superintendent Martin said a janitor was on duty to keep boys out of the high school and that the boys did not smear paint or white wash the building. Two years ago the board asked the boys to refrain from this in the annual celebration and they have done so.

The Bismarck Tribune, 6-2-1922

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