Thrown In His Face


Wednesday night, Father Francis of Richardton, N. D., was drowned, it is believed, while bathing in Devils Lake near the monastery. He went alone in the water. Another priest became anxious upon his non-appearance and went to the lake where he found Father Francis' clothes ten feet from the shore. Two tracks of foot prints into the water were found, but with one track leading out, and it was apparently that he went in and came out, and then went in again, failing to return. A party of searchers went out during the night, and the lake was dragged in the vicinity, but no trace of the priest's body was found. Francis was about 30 years old, and belonged to the Order of Saint Benedict. Father Francis was in Fairmount several weeks ago assisting Bishop O'Reilly of Fargo in the confirmation, and his many friends here are grieved to hear of his untimely death.—Fairmount News

Wahpeton Times, 7/28/1910

Ed.: Devils Lake and Assumption Abbey are not near each other; either the lake is Abbey Lake, or Father Francis was at St. Galls in Devils Lake.

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