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Paul Jones Accused of Halverson's Death.

Paul Jones, who was employed on the farm of Walter Rand, about twelve miles southwest of Leeds, was arrested on a charge of murdering Hans Halverson, a farmer residing near the Rand farm.

The murder of Halverson was committed some time last Thursday afternoon and was particularly brutal. He was shot three times in the back with a twelve-gauge shotgun. The fourth charge tore away the top of the head. Death occurred instantly. The murderer evidently shot Halverson in the back first and then dragged the body around to the other side of a stack, where he would be less likely to be seen. There he fired the shot which tore away the top of Halverson's head.

Neighbors found the body by the side of the stack Thursday night. They drove to Leeds and about midnight Thursday night a warrant charging an unknown person with the murder was issued. Sunday the authorities placed Jones under arrest. It is claimed that there is a strong case against Jones. He had been inquiring whether Halverson and others in the neighborhood had money and if they kept it in their rooms or on their persons. It was common talk in the neighborhood that Halverson, who was a wealthy bachelor, kept large sums of money on his person or secreted in his residence. Jones had been unable to satisfactorily explain his whereabouts at the time the murder is believed to have been committed.

Coroner Meadows of Maddock held an inquest at the home of the deceased and a verdict charging Jones with the murder was found. The authorities believe that no money was secured by the slayer.

Wahpeton Times, 3/26/1908

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