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Mr. and Mrs. Albert Meldahl, who were recently married at Freeport, Ill., have returned from their wedding trip and spent a few days at the home of the bride's Uncle Chas. Noltimier, from which place they were transferred by automobile to the home of the groom's parents, Theo. Meldahl.

The automobile failed to have springs or rubber tires on it which was nor necessary owning to the smoothness of the road, and as it was propelled by two large draft horses it did not travel at a very high rate of speed. Peter, the coachman, was not in a hurry so he did not urge them along. Their trunk served them as a seat, just room for the two comfortably.

The young couple will make their home on the old home farm.

Valley City Times-Record, 3/27/1913

Three Times In The Back

Posted 03/27/2018