Wide Collar


When Phil Olrick refused to leave the farm of Vernie Ostrander, in Bowman county, at Ostrander's command, the latter fired at him with a shotgun and seriously wounded him about the face and destroyed the sight in the right eye. Past differences are responsible for the trouble, it is said, but on this particular occasion Olrick's sister was in need of some yeast and sent him to the Ostrander farm to borrow the needed article. He was ordered from the place at this time but later returned when Ostrander opened the door and fired the shot, and then hitched up and took the wounded man where he could receive medical attention.

It is said that the state's attorney refused to issue a warrant for the arrest of Ostrander.

Dickinson Press, 2/10/1917

No Springs Or Tires

Posted 03/26/2018