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A.J. Brunner of the Kulass Lumber Company, who has been down with small-pox, is able to be out again. Mr. Brunner had an unusually long seige of the disease, being quarantined for over twenty-five days. He did not go to the pest house, but quarantined in his shack on his homestead, a short distance from town. An Independent representative met Mr. Brunner on the street yesterday, he was carrying a large small-pox sign and a yellow flag, when asked what he was going to do with those things, he said, "I am going to nail them to my shack, and I'll see whether any one steals it or not." This happy thought of Mr. Brunner's may be followed to an advantage by other homesteaders, and the shack with the small-pox sign nailed to the door will probably be safe from the depredations of the miserable shack thieves.

Ward County Independent, 2/25/1903

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