Walked Across

Henry Daniels had the misfortune to break his right leg toward the ankle last evening, about 7:30 o'clock. It seeme {sp} he had his team in front of the post office and had gotten his mail, but did not get seated in his wagon before his horses started and threw him out, breaking his leg square off. Mr. Daniel's {sp} however did not fall from the buggy till the horses turned on Fourth street and had gotten along near to Sitar & Hupperler's hay scales, three or four rods from the starting point, when he fell. Mrs. Vinnie Meeker had happened along and noted the whole proceeding and immediately went to the unfortunate man's assistance. She found his leg broken square off and the foot turned up along the side of the leg. She at once straightened out the leg and called for assistance. Mr. Barrie came and soon their {sp} were plenty of assistants. Dr. Devine was called and the patient was taken to the hospital and is doing as well as could be expected.

The Wahpeton Times, 2/28/1901

Adventures of a Murderer

Posted 02/25/2015