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North Dakota Fake Wrestlers Get Very Busy.

Winnipeg Free Press: Winnipeg people have been bitten several times by the so-called professional wrestler, and that the bunch that have been here lately are in the fake class, was suspected, and is now proven by the following letter to the Free Press from Charles Moth, an old-time artist himself, who is now residing at Berthold, N.D. According to information received Root and Downs are brothers and they all travel together fixing up deals. Mr. Moth writes:

Sporting Editor of Leading Paper, Winnipeg, Man.

Sir,—Enclosed you will find a clipping which will explain the methods of the gang of confidence men and fake wrestlers that are now visiting your city, as I saw by an item in the Fargo Call. The man that poses as the "Human Derrick" is a resident of Norwich, N.D., and he has a reputation everwhere he wrestled as a fakir. The man that poses as Downs is a resident of Glenwood, Minn. is right name is Al. Hallett, but he has a name for eevry {sp} town he visits. He is the chief fixer. He also has a brother, Frank Hallett, also of Glenwood, Minn., alias Jack Root and other aliases too numerous to mention. He generally is the manager of the "Human Derrick." Another member of the party is Mr. Bert Shores, of Mankata, Minn. He is easy to identify as he acts when he talks as if his throat is affected when talking. I do not know what name he used there but you will find him there.

This gang operated through parts of Minnesota, and I am not in sympathy with anything that tends to degenerate athletic sports I advertised them and now they are practically barred out of most of the towns through that section. Hoping you will find space in your valuable paper for these few lines and co-operate with me in elevating athletic sports and thanking you in advance for the favor, I am , yours respectfully.

chas moth.

The clipping to which Mr. Moth refers is from the Fargo Call and a similar expose is made by him in Olson.

Grand Forks Evening Times, 2/23/1906

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