Escapes Death

Emil Naumann, the butcher at Temvik was badly injured by being kecked {sp} in the abdomen by a horse last Saturday forenoon. Mr. Naumann was in the stable when the animal kicked him. Dr. Fuller took him to Bismarck Sunday in Billy Marquardt's car, where he is being cared for at a hospital. It was found on examination that an immediate operation was necessary, and it was performed. The result showed severe injury of the intestines, the gall bladder being ruptured. The case is serious. One of the sad features of the case is that a young lady from Germany is now on the ocean, destined for Temaik {sp}, where she and Mr. Naumann were to be married. Imagine the feelings of the poor woman when she reaches her destination—a stranger.

Bismarck Tribune, 12/13/1912

Girl On A Chair

Posted 01/06/2018