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Grand Forks, N. D., Oct. 2.—Two bullet wounds in the head and body of a man found in a hay stack near the corner of Ninth avenue and Oak street this morning tell the ghastly story of a murder, the mystery of which police are trying to unravel. The victim, whose identity is unknown, was apparently shot twice by his murderers, who then shoved his body head first into the hay and attempted to burn the stack to destroy the evidence of the crime.

The body was found at 10 o'clock this morning by A. Flom, 621 Cottonwood street, and Henry Sorbo, 710 Cherry Street, who were stacking hay close to where the dead man lay.

They first noticed the feet protruding from the hay stack and proceeded to investigate. They found the body lying on its back. The coat had been loosely thrown over the head and shoulders.

J. W. Lowe, chief of police, and Coroner F. E. Murphy, were immediately summoned. On removing the body from the hay they found that the man had been shot twice.

One bullet had entered the head just above the right eye, and the other had passed through the left arm and chest passing out through the back.

The hay around the man's head was partly burned, and the flames had singed the hair and scorched the scalp on the back part of the head. It is supposed that the murderers tried to destroy the hay stack thus getting rid of the body.

Bowbells Tribune, 10/3/1913

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