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A Child Is Taught Thieving at Grand Forks.

Grand Forks, N. D., June 6.—The police department made a find last night that may result in the location of much of the stolen stuff that has been reported within the past few months. A little girl, who was back of one of the stores, was subjected to close examination, with the result that she confessed that she had stolen numerous articles at different times for her aunt. Chief Ryan made a raid on the house, and found it occupied by Eva Aaron, a sister of the somewhat notorious Aaron, who is now in the penitentiary for attempting to burn Officer Ziskin's house. Here they found a large quantity of stolen clothing. Among other articles they found sixteen fine dress patterns, which were identified as a part of the goods stolen from Beare's store two weeks ago. Several pairs of shoes were identified as stolen from another store. The little girl says that the woman made her go out and steal. She also stated that two boxes had been filled with goods and shipped to her mother at Warren, Minn.

The Pioneer Express, 6/12/1896

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