Jacob Aron {sp} is wanted badly in Grand Forks for an attempt to burn the house of Policeman Ziskin. Aron made threats against Ziskin and the latter, with Chief Ryan and another policeman, was on watch Monday night. The house has been guarded closely for over a month in expectation of a visit from the home burner. Jacob made his appearance about midnight, satisfied himself that he was not being watched and then proceeded to saturate the roof and sides of the dwelling with kerosene. Having finished that task, he came back near the kitchen and lighting a piece of material threw it upon the roof. He next started a blaze near the kitchen door, and it was growing in volume rapidly when the officers came upon him. Jacob broke and ran and although many shots were fired succeeded in getting away.

Jamestown Alert, 3/21/1895


One Jacob Aaron, a Russian, was detected last spring in attempting to burn Officer Ziskin's residence at Grand Forks through spite. He had previously burned the officer's barn. He escaped at the time, but the officers have been watching for him ever since. Last Wednesday they learned he was at Walhalla in the employ of H. A. Mayo. Chief Ryan of Grand Forks went there to arrest him. The Chief found Aaron at work in the field and read the warrant to him, but Aaron had a pitch fork and held the officer at bay. After a time he saw that capture was certain and started to run, the officer then shot him on the hip. He was taken to Walhalla and put under the doctor's care; he was not dangerously injured, and was later taken to Grand Forks. It is said that the evidence against him is so complete he will probably plead guilty.

Pioneer Express, 11/8/1895

Taught Thieving

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