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Sawyer Farmer Goes to Barn to Look After Stock, There Is Brutally Slugged by a Horse Thief.

Sawyer, N. D., Nov. 9.—Going to his barn in a semi-somnambulistic state to look after his stock which he had dreamed was out in a blizzard, Chas. Prine, a farmer who lives nine miles southwest of this place was assaulted and knocked unconscious by a blow over the head that was dealt by a man who was attempting to steal his horses.

Prine says that he was about half way awake when he reached the barn and seeing a man standing there he thought it was the hired man and spoke to him, receiving no response he moved toward him. The stranger dealt him a stunning blow on the head with a club. Prine does not know how long he lay unconscious, but he finally recovered his senses and crawled back to the house where he again lapsed into unconsciousness. It is not thought that he is fatally hurt.

Prine before losing consciousness stated that it was his belief that his dream had saved him from losing one or more of his horses.

Grand Forks Evening Times, 11/9/1906

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