Turkey Theives

An almost successful attempt was made to burn Hotel de Mores early this morning. About half-past 1 o'clock Mr. McLellan, a guest of the hotel, was awakened by smoke coming through his window. He arose quickly and discovered that the building was on fire. The alarm was immediately given, and by strenuous efforts the fire was put out. A can of kerosene and a bag of shavings was found near where the fire started, indicating clearly that the parties meant business. Anyone who is so unprincipled as to set fire to a hotel full of sleeping guests should be skinned alive, and if the parties are discovered the citizens will make it warm for them. Had the flames been discovered a little later, the result would have been very disastrous, both to life and property, as the hotel was full of sleeping guests and and {sp} our water supply is wholly inadequate. The damage will amount to about $50.

The Bad Lands Cow Boy, 10/23/1884

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