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Died from Self-Starvation

Jamestown — Starvation, exposure and exhaustion caused the death of John Mooney, a wealthy but miserly land owner of Stutsman county, was found dead beside an unfrequented road, fourteen miles northwest of Jamestown. Upon his person was found certificates of deposit representing $15,000.

Mooney was seen alive last when visiting the farmhouse of a renter on one of his own farms. He left there in the evening and was returning to his house when, overcome by weakness about a quarter of a mile from the house, he lay down near the side of the road and there miserably expired. When found the body was lying flat on its back.

Mooney was poorly clad. He wore an old, threadbare coat and a thin overcoat. His cap was lying a few feet away from the body.

John Mooney was a well known character in Stutsman and Sheldon counties, noted for his wealth and extreme penuriousness. He came in the pioneer days to Sheldon, working on the Fargo & Southwestern railway as a section laborer and there he got his start, saving nearly every cent he earned.

Later he came to Jamestown and accumulated money and land in the county, shrewd investments in mortgages bringing profits, but his expenses were on an inverse ratio to his income.

He spent last winter in a room over a store in this city and boasted that his expenses for food were less than 10 cents a day.

Hope Pioneer, 11/7/1907

Ed.: There is no Sheldon County, but there is a town called Sheldon in Ransom County. Also, 10¢ is about $2 in today's money.

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