Santa Claus Soap

They had a good time at Valley City on St. Patrick's day, according to the Advocate, which says: The 17th of March was observed in the usual manner this year. Beer, beer, a jolly good time to end with a whooping big dance in the evening. At one place eight kegs of beer were on tap and all was as free as water. After the dance the janitor of the Academy of Music picked up 22 empty whiskey bottles to throw at the birds. He says this does not include a great number of bottles smashed on the ground back of the hall. There was a large crowd at the dance and all join in saying it was a big time, in fact one of the biggest times Valley City has seen for many years. Mayor Smith was at the helm which in itself was a guarantee of success. The music was furnished by the Moriety and Minnaugh boys and the fun continued until 4:30 Saturday morning.

Bismarck Tribune, 3/30/1899

Tired of Life

Posted 03/17/2014