Needed Cuticle

Black Hills Incident

Deadwood, March 20—The Pennington Ring sheriff, Caldwell, and posse entered Custer City from Hayward last night for the purpose of arresting Dr. D. W. Flick for being an accomplice to the purloining of county records on the 13th ult. Caldwell, armed with two six-shooters and a knife, this morning went to Flick's house, knocked at the door, and was politely invited inside by the doctor. He entered, and before he could make a movement, Flick had a revolver at his head, and ordered him to throw up his hands. Caldwell complied with the demand, when Flick disarmed him and sent him back to Hayward.

Bismarck Tri-Weekly Tribune, 3/23/1878

Santa Claus Soap

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