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Adolph Kuthera Taken to Hospital Here Suffering From Severe Injuries

Adolph Kuthera, an employe {sp} of the Bismarck Foundry, is in St. Alexius hospital suffering from serious injuries as a result of an accident which happened late yesterday afternoon when he was testing a speeder on the Soo line.

Kuthers and Zink Cavalney were riding on the speeder, about a mile from the city. The speeder, a small gas-propelled car, turned over and Kuthera was pinned under it.

Cavalney escaped serious injuries but Kuthera was taken to the hospital suffering from severe injuries to his back, a broken finger on the right hand and a gash in his head. His tongue was bitten off. It was feared his back was broken.

The cause of the accident was not obtainable.

Bismarck Tribune, 10/7/1921

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